Design Consultancy

With our team of experienced designers, we offer consultation services to customers seeking advice on designing their homes and commercial premises. In particular, we provide recommendations to fine-tune our customer’s ideas and to ensure the feasibility of their plans, by drawing on our team’s extensive experience in interior spatial planning.


Design and Build / Carpentry Services

At Nest, we also offer design and build services to ensure no discrepancy between the design phase and construction phase of a project. The smooth transition between these two phases also reduces overall costs and minimizes risks of miscommunication, guaranteeing customer


Customised Furnishing

Our team of designers work closely with suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that furniture is manufactured to our specific design. This ensures that the customer’s premise is furnished to his complete satisfaction.


2D CAD Drawings

Through the use of computer aided design, our designers are able to harness their technical skill set to create drawings of our customer’s ideas. This allows us to analyse, modify and optimize a given design so as to ultimately build on the quality of that design.


3D Artist Impression

One of our key strengths lies in producing amazing 3D solutions for our customers. With our competent team of programmers and cg artists, we offer artist impressions to enable our customer to visualize our design proposals.


Residential Design

With our extensive experience in residential designing, we know what ticks when it comes to interior décor. We have the expertise to cater to a variety of styles, from bold and modern to a more conservative and neoclassical design.


Commercial Design

We believe that a good corporate design is essential for projecting your corporate image. Here at Nest, we have experts who will work with you to create a design that is also functional and conducive to your work environment.


Landscape Design

Stunning landscape adds an enormous value to commercial and residential premises. By drawing on their artisanship, our designers are capable of creating landscapes which are not merely aesthetically pleasing but functional and sustainable.